For Pricing: 

CAPTIV-NeuroLab: unmatched solution for human behavior analysis!

CAPTIV-NeuroLab synchronize multiple features and collect raw data linked to emotional states and reactions, for analysing and studying human behavior face to stimuli.

CAPTIV- NeuroLab is a turnkey solution, adjustable to needs in accordance with your field of action. The interface take elements from scenario with « drag & drop », the material devices are « plug & play » and recording measures is automatique. Filters can be applied and in 1 click, CAPTIV-NeuroLab generate a detailled and exportable graphs.

Quick presentation and synthetic reports: 

  • key number in one page,
  • number and fixation duration by participant and by media,
  • heatmap on all media and area of interest
  • crossing eye-tracking analysis with emotionnal response and facial expressions

The CAPTIV-NeuroLab package include a wireless T-Sens GSR sensor and a T-USB receiver. Compatible with facial expression unit, eye-tracker and EEG system.

More information on the specifique website for CAPTIV-NeuroLab. Or contact us