TEA : CAPTIV Software

CAPTIV - Skilful and adaptable software  

TEA | Technologie Ergonomie Applications, in cooperation with INRS 
(French National Institute for Research and Safetyis developing the software CAPTIV

CAPTIV peut prendre des mesures, des vidéos et les synchroniser avec des observations. Il permet le traitement, l'analyse et la création de rapport

CAPTIV, a cutting-edge and flexible tool for recording, synchronizing and analyzing video recordings and sensors measurements.


You can use wireless sensors such as our T-Sens sensors or eye tracking tools, electromyography, motion analysis, ...

Destined to differents universes, CAPTIV suits your needs, that you are in ergonomy area, neurosciences ou from research.

The software solution CAPTIV enables :

  • synchronous video and sensors measurements via telemetry and/or wireless Datalogger,
  • visual comparisons between images and measured events,
  • detailed observations,
  • analysis of physical performance in a given situation,
  • multimedia reports,

and much more...



CAPTIV L2100 is a user-friendly software dedicated to Task Analysis and Observation...

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CAPTIV-L7000 is a turnkey, modular solution for recording, synchronizong and analyzing for video...

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