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The T-DAC 8 (Digital to Analog Converter) allows to easily synchronize data fromh third-party measurement devices with data from T-Sens wireless sensors and other CAPTIV-compatible hardware.

T-DAC 8 is also a long-range wireless receiver for T-Sens sensors and can transfer the measurements directily to PC or to T-DAC's Analog Output connectors.

Optionnaly T-DAC 8 is supplied with a SDK for integration in the customer's own applications (OEM only).

Dimensions 167 mm x 134 mm x 62 mm  /  6.5'' x 5.3'' x 2.4''
Bandwidth 768 Hz
Antenna 1
Number of analogic inputs 2 (12 bits, 128 Hz)
Number of analogic outputs 8
Number of trigger-in/out Definable
Number of T-Sens 1 to 6 (up to max. bandwidth)
USB Port 1
Theoretical free-field range 45 m  /  147 ft
Recommanded range 15 m / 49 ft
Reference C2002