Report of ACMS done by using CAPTIV

25 October 2018by Feng Qiu

ACMS (an occupational health service in the Paris area) has published a report calls «Analysis of the activity: 12 years of experience in using a data-acquisition platform by a French occupational health service working in various companies».

ACMS takes care of over one million employees in 80,000 workplaces in Paris area, it counts 40 multidisciplinary teams (ergonomists, nurses, engineers, technicians in hygiene, safety and environment, technical assistants, psychologists).

In this report was gathered 12-years’ experience of more than 300 short observations in business of various sizes, in all sectors of activity. All the observations were done by using a data-acquisition platform (CAPTIV) by T.E.A.

The work-group of expertise consisted of doctors and ergonomists who studied up to 15 different parameters: electromyogram, “motion” captors, chemical risk, vibration, noise or temperature metrology, etc. Among the objectives were the following: to assess the activity and method of work, to define operating strategies and possible dysfunctions, positions and gestures, work environment.

A short version of the report is by the link:



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