CAPTIV Motion (IMU): Motion Tracking with unchallenged robustness outside the lab!

Our wireless inertial units T-Sens Motion do combine accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers and powerful fusion algorithms.

The measurements are extremely robust over time against vibrations, variations in the magnetic field and disturbed environments.



CAPTIV Motion main features

Naturalistic and comfortable

No cables, no special suit, no marker nor accoutrement: ease of fixation over the subject’s own clothes with ergonomic straps.

100% modularity

From two sensors for one joint up to 15 sensors for full body tracking, all configurations are possible for adapting to your budget and project. Extra sensors can be added later, simply and with no penalty.

Motion tracking but not only !

CAPTIV Motion is natively compatible with the entire range of wireless T-Sens sensors: ECG, EMG, Respiration, GSR, Force… and with all other CAPTIV-compatibles sensors: eyetrackers, EEG systems and others. All in perfect sync in your all-in-one measurement lab!

Real-time visualization

The 3D avatar allows real-time visual feedback of the subject’s movements and postures. Each body joint does highlight dynamically in green, orange or yellow based on customizable thresholds for comfort angles.

This capability is also available in playback and post-processing.

No range limitation

Clipped to the subject’s belt or in their pocket, our 32-channels T-Log portable datalogger dedicated to field studies offers full mobility and complete freedom of displacement: no need for a PC on-site, no concern with distance or range, no data loss.

Measurements in real-time

All 3D measurements are available in real-time via TCP/IP via our T-Server software.

Full analysis software suite

CAPTIV-L7000 Premier is your turnkey analysis platform for T-Sens Motion. Comprehensive and powerful analysis tools are available which facilitate the processing of recordings. Make the right decision fast, establish the correct diagnosis of a situation, or make the correct conclusions.

Virtual Reality compatible

A Unity3D plugin enables to interface directly in your own virtual environment, via our TCP/IP T-Server software.


Build your subjects’ avatars at scale, and save them for further use or modification.

Obtain accurate XYZ distances between all measured joints as well as with the subject’s environment.

Standard models are already included for quick operation.

Displacement and 3D position 

The subject’s position, distance and steps are calculated with reference to a fixed XYZ position in the environment, with no extra marker nor tag needed.

Data export in multiple formats  

CAPTIV Motion data can be used directly in your specialized software through a variety of export formats: .txt, .bvh, .C3D,…


L7000 Premier

Système innovant d’acquisition de données pour la synchronisation de mesures et d’images


T-Sens Motion

Centrale inertielle sans fil pour la capture de mouvement du corps humain



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